Take Dave Ramsey’s Legacy Journey – A Deeper Dive into Biblical Stewardship!

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This summer, my wife and I led a group of church leaders (mostly at Baby Step 3 or above) through Dave Ramsey’s Legacy Journey.  We had our socks knocked off!

This follow-up program to the ever popular, Financial Peace University, challenged us to build a legacy not on our time, our talents or our treasure.  Not for ourselves or our name on a city landmark or building, but to bring glory to our Almighty Father in Heaven.  He who owns it all and gives it to us to manage.  We internalized Proverbs 13:22:  A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children, but the sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.

In this 7-week course, we learned so many life lessons! In classic Dave-style, we laughed, cried, grumbled and were challenged all providing us new perspective in our daily journey.  No longer are we just doing life, but we are building legacy.

Legacy Lessons covered :

  • Snares & Dares
  • The Pinnacle Point
  • The Law of Great Gain
  • The Road to Awesome
  • Safeguarding Your Legacy
  • Generational Legacy
  • Called to Generosity

(oh yeah, and there’s a bonus lesson, but I’ll leave that as a surprise!)

Click here to see the Legacy Journey Promo Video

Click here to build your legacy by registering at one of the fall class locations nearest you.

Thanks Dave and team for hearing us and creating this wonderful program.  I look forward to leading many a class.

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